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Authentication Certificate


South African documents being legalised for use in countries which aren't signatories to the Apostille Convention (such as China, Taiwan and Vietnam) have to follow a slightly longer process, involving having them authenticated and then submitting them to the relevant Embassy for legalisation. To see which countries are signatories to the Apostille Convention click here.

Please contact us in respect of processing times as the times will differ depending on what exactly the documents are that you are needing processed and the country you need them processed for.

Documents we can Authenticate

  • Home Affairs Documents (Birth and Marriage Certificates, Letters of Non-Impediment, etc)

  • Academic documents (Degrees, Diplomas, Matric certificates, etc)

  • Police Clearance Certificates

  • Medical Reports

  • Passport Copies, Letters, Notarised Powers of Attorney, Divorce Orders, etc.

  • Contracts and Trade / Shipping Documents

Where can Documents be Authenticated?

The majority of documents that are required to be authenticated can only be authenticated in Pretoria as this is where DIRCO (The Department of International Relations and Cooperation a.k.a Foreign Affairs) is located.

In order for documents to be authenticated they have to go to one or more of the following places:

  • Notary Public and the High Court

  • Departments of Basic and Higher Education as well as Umalusi

  • HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa)


  • The Relevant Embassy / Consulate

What & Where

China and its Authentication Requirements

The authentication process for China is made up of two parts, being as follows:

  • Part 1: The documents must first be authenticated through the relevant departments and DIRCO in Pretoria.

  • Part 2: The authenticated documents must then be submitted to the Chinese Embassy / Consulate for legalisation.

Please note however that as of 7 November 2023 China will become a signatory to the Apostille Convention and part 2 of the process will likely fall away as a requirement.​

Common Documents Requiring Authentication for China
  • Degrees / Diplomas

  • Police Clearance Certificates

  • TEFL / TESOL Certificates

  • Unabridge Birth Certificates (if taking your children over with you). Must be stamped and signed by Home Affairs

  • Marriage Certificates (if taking your spouse over with you). Must be stamped and signed by Home Affairs


Our Promise

With over six years of experience in the authentication of documents, we can confidently state that we are experts in this field and will have your documents authenticated and returned to you efficiently and without errors.

Our Fees and Getting Started

If you would like a quote or need more information, call us, email us or simply click on the button below and complete the form.

Our Fees
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