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Attestation is basically the authentication of South African documents for use in Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.

Please contact us in respect of processing times as the times will differ depending on what exactly the documents are that you are needing processed and the country you need them processed for.

We have a division (Document Attestation SA) specialising in the attestation of documents for use in the Middle East and will take care of all of your attestation requirements.

Attestation of Documents for the Middle East

Our Promise

With over six years of experience in the attestation of documents, we can confidently state that we are experts in this field and will have your documents attested and returned to you efficiently and without errors.

Our Fees and Getting Started

If you would like a quote or need more information, call us, email us or simply click on the button below and complete the form.

Documents we can Attest

  • Home Affairs Documents (Birth and Marriage Certificates, Letters of Non-Impediment, Etc)

  • Academic documents (Degrees, Diplomas, Matric certificates, etc)

  • Police Clearance Certificates

  • Medical Reports

  • Passport Copies, Letters, Notarised Powers of Attorney, Divorce Orders, Etc

  • Contracts and Trade / Shipping Documents

Where can Documents be Attested?

The majority of documents that are required to be attested can only be attested in Pretoria as this is where DIRCO (The Department of International Relations and Cooperation a.k.a Foreign Affairs) is located.

In order for documents to be attested they have to go to one or more of the following places:

  • Notary Public and the High Court

  • Departments of Basic and Higher Education as well as Umalusi

  • HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa)


  • The Relevant Embassy / Consulate

Popular Destinations and Their General Attestation Requirements

Through experience we have come to know which documents are most often required to be attested for certain countries by our clients, which we have decided to list below. This is just a guideline and we do recommend that you still communicate with your recruiter / employer or the relevant authorities for your specific requirements as this can differ from case to case.

United Arab Emirates
  • Highest Qualification Certificate (Eg. Degree)

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates

  • Matric Certificate

  • Highest Qualification documents (Eg. Degree + Transcripts + University Letter)

  • Police Clearance Certificate

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates

  • Highest Qualification Certificate (Eg. Degree)

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates

  • Medical Reports

  • Police Clearance Certificate

  • Visa and Passport

What & Where
Popular Documents
Our Fees
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